Why your business needs third-party archiving with Office 365


Why your business needs third-party archiving with Office 365

Is Office 365 increasing your business risks and costs?

“Yes” is the likely answer, if you’re not also using a third-party archive to retain, search and retrieve emails and attachments.

There’s no doubt about the success of Office 365; it’s a popular cloud productivity suite used by businesses around the world. But limitations with the native archiving and eDiscovery offerings of Office 365 have the potential to substantially skyrocket business risks and costs related to day-to-day operations, compliance and lawsuits.

By complementing Office 365 with a third-party email archiving solution in the cloud, you better support compliance, discovery, business continuity and cost savings.

Protect your business against intellectual property loss when employees leave the company. Limit your financial exposure when you get audited or sued. Don’t miss out on all the business benefits of a third-party archive with Office 365.

Cut your compliance and eDiscovery costs
Every business needs to worry about data storage and handling related to potential lawsuits. Businesses in regulated industries must also comply with numerous additional data-retention regulations that seem to be constantly changing and ever increasing.

When your company is sued or audited, it costs time and money. The more time IT and legal teams spend searching for what they need, the more money it costs your business.

Responding to an audit or discovery request quickly saves your business money! With a third-party email archiving solution designed specifically to support these efforts, auditors and legal teams locate and organize data much more quickly than with traditional (and now outdated) methods, significantly reducing the billable hours spent on every demand for data.

Get the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing every inbound and outbound email and file attachment is being automatically preserved in a third-party archive using unalterable, WORM-compliant storage.

A third-party archive with robust and powerful search capabilities enables legal and compliance users to organize relevant results with tagging features and customizable hold reasons and export them in a variety of flexible file formats for review. The less time spent searching for, organizing and exporting relevant information for an audit or legal review, the less it costs your business.

Protect critical data and business continuity
Email is critical to the communications and operations of your business. To protect critical business data and business continuity, you should create a plan to protect the emails and attachments sent and received by every employee.

What happens if you accidentally delete an important email message? What if an employee trashes their entire email box before leaving for a new job? Do you just lose that valuable data and history, with no way to retrieve it?

With a third-party archive, you automatically preserve every sent and received message and attachment in a format that cannot be deleted or modified. In other words, you’ll never lose access to any critical information and you’ll always be able carry on with business as usual after an employee departs, regardless of the circumstances.

(Without an archive, even if your employee doesn’t delete their data on the way out the door, you’ll have to continue to pay for their Office 365 seat in perpetuity, if you want to maintain access to the contents of that mailbox.)

Get more information about Office 365 and third-party archiving
This detailed white paper from the experts at Osterman Research, Best Practices for eDiscovery and Regulatory Compliance in Office 365, covers a number of important topics:

  • Key obligations to consider
  • The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  • eDiscovery requirements and common mistakes
  • Compliance and industry regulations
  • Microsoft’s approach to compliance in Office 365

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