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Recently, Sonian introduced View Insights, an enterprise-class email analytics and reporting tool that helps organizations get more from their current investment in email security. View Insights works by taking the unstructured data in your email archive and making sense of it, uncovering actionable insights in a way that was never before possible.

In this post, I’ll provide a more detailed overview on the host of features View Insights offers and demonstrate how the platform unlocks your data’s potential by exposing critical information for security, risk mitigation, data loss prevention and compliance.


Investigate and Act

Here at Sonian, we refer to the visual presentation of each analysis as a card, but no matter what you call it – a card, a widget, a tile, a thingamabob – it provides a meaningful, top-level insight on a critical email security issue.

From each card, you can further investigate areas of concern by expanding the results of the analysis and drilling down to view a list of relevant emails and, ultimately, the body of each of those emails. Being able to access the email content and not just the metadata is crucial in determining the severity of the potential threat and prioritizing actions to neutralize it.


Security Card
The Security card reports emails which contain sensitive or personally identifiable information including credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, Driver’s License/State ID numbers, bank account/routing numbers, etc.


  • Know when personally identifiable and other sensitive information is being sent or received via email in order to identify culprits and end the behavior
  • Ensure preventative services are working to block emails with offending content
  • Confirm “secure” systems are truly secure (ie. a system through which customers provide PII generating and sending an email copy of that data is NOT secure)


Attachments Cards

The Attachments cards shows all emails which contain attachments, categorized by name and type.


  • Prevent data loss by as confirming that confidential documents are not leaving the organization
  • Identify individuals who are sending important documents to their personal address as a risk for attrition
  • Spot malware that may be coming into the organization via executable files


Volume Card

The Volume card measures the number of emails sent and received by individuals in your organization and compares each against the average.


  • Identify individuals whose email volume is dramatically higher or lower than the rest of organization’s to investigate potential issues
  • Be aware of unusual email activity that may be a warning sign for attrition such as when a top performing sales person’s volume drops or when someone starts forwarding large amounts of email to their personal inbox or to an external domain
  • Find stagnant mailboxes and remove them for cost savings


Domains Card

The Domains card lays out which external organizations individuals within your organization have communicated with most frequently.


  • Enforce policies regarding email and internet usage
  • Determine whether or not employees are using required systems (e.g. ensure support ticketing system are not bypassing via email)
  • Confirm data is not being leaked externally, particularly to competitors
  • Evaluate activity between top prospects and customers to ensure proper levels of attention from sales and support teams


Popular Terms Card
Popular Terms card uses advanced text analytics algorithms to determine words that are used most commonly in the body of  emails sent and received by your organization.


  • Identify and proactively address issues that are being discussed which may have not yet been escalated to the proper level
  • Get a directional understanding of the company’s current sentiment/health
  • Compare popular topics of conversation to corporate expectations of what is being communicated about


Sonian’s View is the only email archiving solution currently in market that offers this type of  analytics and reporting so you can proactively act on your data and nip problematic content or behavior in the bud before it escalates into a much larger problem. Using Sonian’s patented and industry-leading suite of analytical, monitoring and security technologies, our platform now provides users with the ability to derive more meaningful and actionable insights from their business communications.

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— Michelle Drozdowski is senior product manager at Sonian.

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