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adam's pictureI’m thrilled to announce the new View Archive for businesses, an advanced solution that makes it easy to preserve, access and act on your critical data. Using Sonian’s patented and industry-leading suite of analytical, monitoring and security technologies, our platform now provides users with the ability to derive more meaningful and actionable insights from your business communications.

So, that’s a mouthful, and you’ll be hearing much more about this over the coming weeks and months, but the whole team here at Sonian has been hard at work over the past 18 months quietly revamping everything you think you know about the interactions with your archiving system. While this is much more of an evolution of our core Sonian Archiving platform, we’ve enabled quite a bit of advancements to the ability to search and interact with your archived data.

Unlike other archives, retrieving the most relevant assets in your advanced View Archive isn’t a tedious task that requires complex coding syntax or sacrificing the flexibility of configuring Boolean relationships amongst multiple criteria sets. The View Archive introduces a powerful simple searching methodology coupled with a flexible graphical query builder enabling business users to quickly and easily build the most advanced complex searches. Here are examples of Simple and Advanced search.

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View Archive Simple Search

View Archive Advanced Search

After narrowing down your search to the exact dataset you’re looking for, taking action has never been easier. Placing assets on hold and exporting them is as easy and flexible as ever. The View Archive introduces a new classification system that allows users to create and manage hold reasons that can be applied to individual assets or entire searches easily and without limit. A single asset can have dozens of hold reasons applied to it with each being managed individually and the asset itself remaining on hold until each hold reason is fully resolved.

View Archive Hold Reasons

View Archive Hold Details

These are just two examples of the painstaking user experience research that went into the design and development of View; you’ll be hearing more about the numerous updated facets of the solution over the coming weeks and months. We rethought every interaction with the archive to make the tedious and complex interactions with your archived data simple and efficient. We’re excited for you to get to know the advanced functionality, flexible management capabilities, and modernized user experience that Sonian is introducing with the View Archive.

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Adam Basilio is senior product manager at Sonian.

About Sonian

Sonian preserves, protects and presents the world’s information.

More than 25,000 customers in 43 countries trust Sonian’s secure proprietary platform to retain, retrieve and surface critical data and protect intellectual property.

Founded in 2007, Sonian is the only pure public cloud information archiving company, providing services that are easy, flexible, actionable and reliable for OEM partners and their end customers. Sonian allows companies to preserve, analyze and access their electronic communications for legal, regulatory and continuity purposes while gaining organizational insights.

Sonian is building the future and solving big data problems for companies, all while managing more than 20 billion objects in the cloud.

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